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Hello! We are Avada Digital Agency.

Digital Signage Cloud Software

We create amazing digital products

Custom built modules and tools. Pay for what you need and use.

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Not just any ordinary Digital Signage software

Cloud based digital signage solution to solve all your digital signage requirements

Easy to set up and we also help you through every step of the way

Cloud Based

Our solution works on any browser and has been tested on multiple hardware providers such as LG and Samsung


Need a particular layout for you digital screen. Select a template to use or ask us to create one for you


We already have a staff roster, car park reservations, interactive posters, news and events modules to help you get started. If we don’t have a particular module, we will create one


Display a particular slideshow when you need it. You just need to choose the date and time

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Digital Signage Modules

All in one digital signage solution

All in one digital signage solution

We can build digital signage modules to meet your business digital signage requirements

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Digital Signage Experts

We’ve created amazing digital products

We create amazing digital products

Advertise Me is the creator of this digital signage software and has been in the digital signage industry for over a decade.

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Let us help you with your next digital signage deployment

Let us help you with your next digital signage deployment

We’re Australian based and we’ve deployed digital signage solutions across different states. We have the digital signage software that will meet your business requirements.

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Our Modules

Our Modules

Our digital signage modules are addons you can add and include your digital signage software solution. Only use the module if you need it.

Digital Signage Software Staff Roster Module
Digital Signage Software Car Park Module

Our complete list of Digital Signage Software modules